About Maria Mandarino and Spirit Point Acupuncture

Maria Mandarino, LAc, DipAc (NCCAOM), LMT, MSEd is a licensed acupuncturist, licensed massage therapist, educator, and spiritual director.  Her practice is located in Sun City, Arizona, in the West Phoenix Valley.

Maria specializes in the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (MFR) and is the only acupuncturist in Arizona who combines this powerful and corrective form of bodywork with acupuncture, yielding results which are faster and more lasting than other therapies. This means you get back to a more active, pain-free, and fuller life as soon as possible.

Maria has over 20 years experience in health care. Prior to entering the field of natural medicine, she worked in research medicine at the Journal of Maternal-Fetal Investigation at Winthrop-University Hospital in New York. It was a serious car accident caused by a drunk driver which inspired Maria to seek a new career as she sought to find ways to get out of pain caused by her accident, ways that didn’t hold the side effects of medications.

Maria has two masters degrees, one in Acupuncture and one in Secondary Education. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in English, and an Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy (a two year full time degree). In addition, she spent two years training as a Contemplative Spiritual Director at Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs. Maria is also certified by the Nelson Bach Foundation as a consultant in the Bach Flower Remedies. She holds degrees from Hofstra University, the New York College of Health Professions, and Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. A native New Yorker, she has also lived in Denver, and now makes her home in the West Phoenix Valley.

Maria is an advocate of always treating the spirit in addition to the physical body. Her most treasured verse from the Nei Jing (the ancient Chinese classical medical text) has been her guide throughout her practice:

Where the disease is not serious, 

but the spirit is weak, 

the prognosis is poor.

And where the disease is serious, 

but the spirit is strong,

the prognosis is good.

Maria believes this is why it is imperative to treat the body and the spirit for authentic healing to occur. At Spirit Point Acupuncture, you are far more than your diagnosis. You are a human being seeking greater health — holistic health, which to us means not only a natural and non-invasive approach to health, but it also means honoring and nurturing your spirit as well as your physical health.